Academy of Mixed Martial Arts

"Bruce Lee's Philosophy and art "Jeet Kune Do" (JKD) is the guiding principal of the Gary Baker Academy of Mixed Martial Arts in Bournemouth"

The Academy offers training and guidance through the arts of:

  • Muay-Thai (Thai Boxing) Adults/Kids
  • Filipino Kali / Eskrima
  • Panantukan Filipino Boxing
  • Brazilian Jiu - Jitsu Adults/Kids

Ladies self defence courses.
kids classes from 7yrs - 14 yrs.

Additional and bespoke courses are available from simple personal safety concepts to highly skilled weapons training and tactical combat.


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Crossfit Bournemouth - Strength and Conditioning


Gary Baker - Senior Full Instructor

Helen James - Assistant Level 2 Instructor Black band K1 and Muay thai boxing
Keiron Burghart Level 2 Instructor Brown band K1 and Muay thai boxing
Jacob Gritz - Assistant Level 2 Instructor Blue band Filipino Arts
Lewis Heath Assistant Level 1 Instructor Purple band K1- Muay thai boxing

Matt Benyon - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown belt.
Luke Arnold - Assistant Instructor Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple belt.
Ash Eaglestone - Apprentice Level 2 Instructor Blue belt - Panantukan ( Filipino) Boxing