Filipino Boxing

Filipino Boxing

Filipino Boxing

"Panantukan Filipino Boxing (Dirty Boxing) is the empty handed boxing component of Filipino Martial Arts. Many of the techniques and movements are derived from Kali."

The art primarily consists of upper-body striking techniques such as punches, elbows, head-butts, shoulder strikes but it also includes low-line kicks and knee strikes to the legs, shins, and groin.

Common striking targets include the biceps, triceps, the eyes, nose, jaws, temples, the back of the neck, the ribs, and spine, as well as the "soft tissue" areas in the body. Panantukan prefers parries and deflections over blocks, as it is not known whether or not the opponent has a bladed weapon. As such, emphasis is put on minimizing contact from the opponent.

Philosophically, it is very similar to other forms of street-oriented kickboxing in that it emphasizes practicality; Dan Inosanto, Bruce Lee's star pupil and training partner, integrates aspects of panantukan into his interpretation of Lee's Jeet Kune Do, and many concepts from panantukan and the Filipino Martial Arts are found in several Jeet Kune Do Concepts systems today.

Since it is not a sport but rather a street / Jungle oriented fighting system, the techniques have not been adapted for safety or conformance to a set of rules for competition, thus it has a reputation as "dirty street fighting".

As an empty-handed self defence system Gary believes a competent practitioner of Panantukan will be able to look after themselves in conflict situation outside of competition.