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FMA: Kali

"Kali focuses on using and defending against edged weapons such as knives and machetes and blunt instruments such as the palm stick and wooden batons."

The name Kali, although primarily used in the United States and Europe, is seldom used in the Philippines and in most cases is an unknown word. Other more traditional names for this art are Arnis de Máno, Eskrima or FMA (Filipino Martial Arts). For all intents and purposes, Eskrima, Arnis, Arnis de Mano, Kali and FMA all refer to the same family of Filipino weapons-based martial arts.

The teaching of the basic skills in Kali are traditionally simplified. Only skills that were proven effective in battle and could easily be taught en masse are used in the syllabus.
The philosophy of simplicity is the underlying base of the FMA. Because of this approach, the FMA are often mistakenly considered to be "simple" fighting arts. However, this refers only to its systemisation, not effectiveness. To the contrary, beyond the basic skills lies a very complex structure and a refined skill set that takes years to master.

Gary believes that in today's World it is essential for self defence to become competent in disabling armed attackers.