Pad Drills,

Pad drills one the best ways to develop reflexes, punching power and defense. Hitting focus pads is not only a great fitness workout but also fun. It is the foundation of your fighting technique.

Focus pads are an incredibly versatile tool for boxing training and yet many boxers are only doing one thing on the pads—which is hitting as hard and fast as possible. Focus pad training is not only about speed and power. There’s also rhythm, timing, accuracy, strategy, style, etc, etc. There are so many different ways you could be developing yourself on the pads. And by only thinking about power on the pads, you cheat yourself out of developing the more refined slick “sweet boxing” skills.

Benefits of focus pad drills

As we mentioned earlier, focus pads are one of the best boxing drills you can do as a fighter. It allows you to practice more realistic fighting maneuvers without you having to actually fight a live person. I would say it’s the next closest thing to fighting or sparring.

Focus pad training can help you:

Improve punching skills (technique, power, speed, endurance, accuracy, timing)
Improve offensive skills (angles, combinations)
Improve defensive skills (blocking, parrying, slipping, rolling)
Practice moving against a live person (footwork, strategy, mimicking styles, counter-punching)

Advantages of pad work training over other boxing drills:

Drill realistic fighting movements
Work on offense and defense simultaneously
Get used to moving around a live person
Get helpful feedback from your trainer
Mimic and practice for certain styles
Great flexibility to practice many different moves
Fun and challenging

Hitting the pads can be such a fun and challenging workout, especially when done with an experienced padman (pad holder). The drills can be changed to develop whatever skill you want, offense, defense, counter-punching. The padholder can mimic styles of different opponents to get you used to different kinds of attacks. The intensity can go up and down. It’s just all around a great and fun workout. And requires lots of energy and coordination. Whereas you can be lazy on the heavy bag, this won’t be the case when you have an active trainer holding the pads and testing your defense.

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