Reaction Training,

Reaction time – The ability to respond to something… Fast!

As martial artists we need to react to stimulations fast. If someone tries to strike us, our ability to avoid, counter, block or offer any other response is determined first of all by our ability to pick up on the stimulation.

Relying on our senses - seeing, hearing, feeling, equilibrium, pain and so on - their and our ability to pick up quickly on the stimulation, in many ways, is determined by our level of awareness and concentration which are part of the mental training process.

After our senses do their “job” the time for initiating the response will be determined by our reaction speed.

In other words the time it takes our brain to absorb the stimulation, make a decision, and send the electronic signal or pulse telling our body what to do.

Agility, quickness and speed are mainly what will determine the quality of execution of the brains decision, and many times if our response whether we made the right decision or not will be successful.

We focus on improving you reaction to your highest ability increasing your chances of success in your training.

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