I have been training FMA at Gary Bakers GB Academy for the last 2.5 years and have found his support and knowledge excellent. He has a vast knowledge pool in many different martial arts and is able to cross pollinate that knowledge, to draw benefit and teach in a very comprehensive way.

This is very important for me as I am currently on a Rapid Arnis instructor course and need quality FMA input to help me progress. Gary has an outlook of practical application, which comes from his experiences working on the door, and what he teaches can be relied on to work in high stress situations.


He has also managed to bring together students of different abilities, willing to work as a team in a very positive and supportive atmosphere. GB Academy provides all the facilities to support the activities in all the martial arts taught on the premises.

Lennart Wallgren, Filipino Martial Arts Practitioner. Rapid Arnis Student Instructor in Practice